Our Medical Mission Trips are designed to address the physical and spiritual needs of others. Since the founder is a chiropractic orthopedist, there is always an emphasis on physical medicine and rehab. Additionally, many teams have medical and dental physicians, physical therapists, and utilize nurses, eyeglass personnel, and much-needed support staff. Jesus addressed physical, mental, and spiritual needs (Matthew 4:23). We find that addressing the physical needs of others opens individuals up spiritually, and many come to the saving knowledge of Christ.

Each trip has four emphases:

  1. Addressing physical needs.
  2. Bringing people to the saving knowledge of Christ. Accordingly, prayer teams are necessary. Sometimes, this includes training local churches in evangelism to reach their people.
  3. Encouraging (and sometimes training) pastors and missionaries on the ground.
  4. Spiritual growth (and training) for those who are serving.

To accommodate practicing physicians and those in the workforce, most trips are one week in duration or less. There is usually a free day with an outing. The teams will have comfortable accommodations to avoid taking people out of their familiar environments and making them less effective for patient care. However, on treating days, one may be serving in a river bed, under tents or in impoverished communities. Safety is our primary concern, and no risks will be taken. We partner with churches and missionaries who know proper precautions.  

We publish the MM trips of Caring Partners International, Circle of Love Ministries, and the Christian Chiropractors Association. Click on the “Mission Trips” tab to see upcoming trips. 

For requirements or more information on joining an MM team, or if you would like training in leading a team, please email JNCMissions@gmail.com.

Dr. Jacob G. Caraotta, President MSM