There is usually a need for Medical, Dental, Chiropractic, and Physical Therapists. Non-medical support staff is needed in: Spanish translation, exercises personnel, eyeglass distribution, prayer teams, children workers, food and clothing distribution, and picture and video taking personnel. Below are the medical mission schedules of the main organizations we travel with and highly recommend. For more information on the trips you could contact the organizations directly, fill out the contact form on the CONNECT tab, or call me personally @ (815) 670-4009. Dr. Jacob G. Caraotta

CCA: Christian Chiropractors Association 1-800-999-1970

COLF: Circle of Love Foundation. Please contact Dr. Helen Laib three months prior to a trip you would like to join by caC. (815) 282-9243 or email:

CPI: Caring Partners International (513) 649-1400     

DateLocation of Medical MissionMission Organization
December 9-16 2023   Puerto Vallarta, MexicoCCA  
January 4-10, 2024  GuatemalaCPI
January 10-14, 2024 Peten FloresCCA
January 19-26, 2024Cabo MexicoCCA  
February 10-18, 2024Guatemala Building TripCOL
February 16-23, 2024Puerto VallartaCCA
March 12-16, 2024    Piedras NiegrasCCA
April 5-12, 2024CaboCCA
April 20-27, 2024Costa RicaCCA
April 29-May 11, 2024South Africa COLM / KZN
May 16-23, 2024GuatemalaCCA
June 1-8, 2024CaboCCA
June 4-14, 2024South Africa building tripCOL
July 18-24, 2024Guatemala CPI
August 3-11, 2024San Felipe, GutatamalaCOL
August 3-11, 2024GuatamalaCOL
August 14-18, 2024Crow FairCCA
October 5-12, 2024CaboCCA
October 7-18, 2024UkraineCOL
December 7-14, 2024CaboCCA