January 2023 Cabo San Lucas

The Chiropractic and eyeglass outreaches led by Dr. Brad and Kim Zisch successfully saw over 400 patients, in five locations. Two of the locations were a combined church and feeding center in which children, and parents were treated and prayed for before serving the food. Another location had a combined clothes distribution and the doctors treated in a park under tents.
There was a man in his fifties who was ambulating slowly with a cane due to low back and knee issues. Dr. Chuck Vallee treated him, the pastor prayed, and the Lord intervened. When the patient left, he was walking briskly and upright without assistance.
A Chiropractor from Mexico City came for treatment and observed the US doctors. His training was greatly abbreviated from those trained in the USA. The doctors received him warmly, answering questions. Before leaving, he prayed to receive Christ with two of the US doctors.
The eyeglass outreach was in memory of Robert (Bob) Farmer, the brother of Marsha Hultgren who gave a generous donation to pay for the glasses. Restoring Vision added blue light glasses at no charge. Over 250 prescription eyeglasses were fitted, and everyone received the written testimony of Bob’s life (English version attached) with the gospel message.
The CCA Team was thanked for the intervention on the November trip by identifying a family who was negatively influencing the children with false doctrine. Occasionally groups who call themselves Christian show up to serve, but have a non-biblical view of Jesus, denying the trinity, the accuracy of the Bible, and unknowingly worship a different god.
Thank you for laboring in prayer. The team experienced spiritual warfare. Some of the medical equipment was detained by customs, two doctors and a translator had to cancel at the last minute, but the Lord showed up and prevailed (James 5:16)! 
With much gratitude,
Jacob and Celeste

January 2023 Guatemala

The Guatemalan outreach was very successful. A team of 20 saw about 854 patients in three and a half days. There were 108 salvations, and all the patients had a clear one on one presentation of the gospel.
Santos presented to the clinic with a walker and x-rays showing a hip replacement. He did not think that he would be able to walk normal again. After treatment and prayer, he was able to walk without his walker, and he prayed to accept the Lord. His sons could not believe it, and reported to the clinic to see what was happening. Both of his sons, in their twenties, also prayed to receive the Lord. After three days of treating Santos, he could ambulate quickly, and was not in any pain. To God be the glory.
There was a lady in a wheel chair who was not walking for 14 months. Dr. Kyle and another doctor worked with her for three days, and taught her granddaughter how to assist her at home.  She was able to walk slowly with the assistance of a cane, and her back and hip pain was greatly reduced.
After obtaining glasses, one lady cried because she was unable to work for 6 months because of her eyesight. She knitted for a living. Several minor surgeries were performed. A local doctor who had 10,000 followers on Tik Toc advertised the event and people came from over 2 hours away. 
Several students participated in the outreach, and there was a lot of mentoring by the physicians and nurses, eyeglass, and pharmacy departments. The pastors were encouraged, several salvations were evidenced, and team members were drawn closer to the Lord.
Thank you for Praying!!!

March 2023 Cabo San Lucas

On the first day, there was an unintentional scheduling conflict in which two outreaches were planned at the same time. This was no accident. The Lord worked this out. The doctors divided up, and in one of the outreaches twenty people came to the Lord.
When we were praying in a parking lot before traveling to one of the outreaches, a family saw us and asked what we were doing? They were bilingual Christian believers, and followed us to the outreach to help. Their translating abilities were much needed that day!
Dr. Brad sought out new places to serve in Cabo. In one of the new outreaches, a pastor prayed with several individuals, two came to the Lord, and they will be followed up with home visits. At the same outreach, several individuals expressed the desire to have a deeper walk with Christ and will be in a discipleship program.  
One individual who came for treatment said he had training in addiction counselling and felt called to the ministry. We were able to connect him with missionary Brian and Pastor Marcos.
There was a lot of sharing of information among the doctors and staff, concerning mission emphasis, to observing chiropractic techniques, nutritional protocols, and logistics.
Because of a generous donation, we had an ample supply of the book, God the Final Frontier, and were able to strategically place it in the hands of several individuals.
On the last outreach, I treated Louis, whom I have seen the last 5 years at outreaches. He brought his girlfriend, Marina. They are not Christian believers. I noticed Pastor Raoul, and Karen praying with him off to the side. With frequenting Cabo on a regular basis, the teams have been able to show the love of God in tangible ways repetitively to some individuals, plant seeds, and evidence lives being changed for eternity!
Thank you for your prayers. Without the Holy Spirit’s leading, anointing, and preparing of hearts, with even the best of logistics and planning, our efforts would be useless!
Happy Resurrection Day,
Jacob and Celeste 

March 2023 Piedras Negras Mexico

The mission trip led by Drs. James and Terri Coats to Piedras Negras Mexico was very successful. 1,000 patients were treated by six doctors in three days. The event was sponsored by the Rotary Club and turned into an evangelistic outreach. The Rotary Club asked for volunteers to say blessings before meals, and they circled up the group for prayer before outreaches. 
There was Spanish Christian music playing in the background instead of secular music. The Lord gave Celeste and I three Christian translators who assisted with exercises and prayed with patients. Several of the patients prayed for salvation. There was a Mormon couple who accepted the Lord after a staff member illustrated that Mormons worship a different Jesus. After the wife prayed, she was asked how she felt, and she said peaceful. She was told Jesus gives peace. One translator asked if next year she could bring a group from her church to teach exercises and pray with the patients. Dr. Terri Coats said YES!
The medical director from the health department came to the event with a staff member. They observed a multitude of patients being treated by doctors, and were educated in conditions chiropractors treat. He had a chiropractic adjustment, and was amazed that his pain and stiffness dissipated. He expressed an interest in working closer with future outreaches, and phone numbers were exchanged.
The President of Piedras Negras came to the event. The media accompanied her, and covered a clip of the event on a local television station. Her appearance on television and the media’s reporting drew more people to the event. She and her staff received a chiropractic treatment and she was given two Christian books. Her assistant works with 300 disabled children in an orphanage in which 25 dentists will be coming to address their dental needs. This may turn into a combined outreach in the future.
Your prayers are making a difference! Please pray that the new converts will find a church to be discipled in, and that the seeds planted grow into salvations.
Thank You and God Bless!
Jacob and Celeste

April 2023 Costa Rica

Many blessings were seen with the Costa Rica MM trip consisting of Dr. Bryan Lo, Dr. Jacob and Celeste Caraotta. Leading up to the outreach, we asked for prayer against spiritual warfare before we knew Nehemias, our contact who coordinated the outreaches and was providing our transportation, had a family emergency and was not able to accompany us. Because of this the logistics had to change. Within one hour two outreaches were canceled and replaced by two additional ones, and transportation was provided. That was the first of the many “miraculous” events:
·         Over 500 people received Chiropractic, and 409 eyeglasses were provided.
·         In Pastor Luiz’s church, a new church build averaging 35 people on a Sunday, had 120 people attend his lively worship service. He advertised the outreach starting the same time church began. During the outreach 10 people prayed to receive Christ, and a former youth pastor who walked away from the Lord rededicated his life!
 ·         Pastor Roberto’s church bussed in Nicaragua refugees to the event. Dentists from the University provided care. Fifty (50) people prayed to receive Christ with a newly trained prayer team! The pastor and staff asked several times when we would be coming back.
·         In Pastor Alvaro’s church and school, we treated many of the staff, pastors and people from the community. We initially were to only treat one day at his church and in a short notice he added two additional days. This enabled us to treat individuals with more severe shoulder, back and walking difficulties on multiple days…and evidence incredible recoveries in individuals with chronic problems.

May 2023 Hospital Shalom Peten Jungle Guatemala

The medical mission in the Peten Jungle went well. Hospital Shalom, known for its excellence and for being Christian, built a small clinic to service a Mayan population in a village two hours from the hospital and offers health care at a fraction of the cost. Once the staff gains the trust of the village leaders, they present the gospel and have seen villages come to the Lord. When treating at the village someone translated English to Spanish, and another Spanish into K’iche. One person prayed to receive the Lord through a triple translation.
The chiropractic and eyeglasses outreach drew more men to the clinic. A public health official who was leery of chiropractic was treated, extremely pleased, and had his grandson jump up on our table. This is significant since he regulates the health care in the community and sends people to Shalom.
When serving at the main hospital, an announcement 8 hour prior resulted in several patients lining up before 5am, and security had to send some people away. The founder of the Hospital along with several board members served as support staff in translating and exercising.  
This was a pioneering trip led by Dr. Jim Powell, D.C., a board member at Shalom. After evidencing the effectiveness, and seeing the potential for evangelism, a larger outreach is planned for January 2024.
Thank you for praying!
Jacob and Celeste 

July 2023 Belize

The medical mission team of 30 in Orange Walk Belize, led by Rick and Jen Lalli, was very successful. There were medical physicians, nurses, chiropractic, physical therapy, eyeglasses, pharmacy, and a large support staff. (Pictures attached).
The physical medicine department saw a lot of chronic conditions and helped several individuals regain their ability to walk. Celeste served in eyeglasses and there were a lot of happy people who could read the eye chart after receiving a pair of glasses. An 8-year-old girl received a pair of glasses, and was beaming because she would be able to see the board in school. The twin brothers, Drs. Bill and Bob Helwig, ophthalmologists, saw individuals with more severe eye problems. Dr. Erin did a minor surgery.
There was a lot of spiritual warfare including late flights, transportation logistics because of a broken church van, an electrical outage, lost hotel reservations causing part of the team to be at a different hotel, and some had temporary water outages in rooms.
 I believe because of prayer; the obstacles did not stop the ministry. In four days, 681 patients were seen and there were 167 decisions for Christ, including one of the nurses serving who had no Christian background. On the free day the team went snorkeling, seeing the wonders of God underwater.
 Please pray for the new believers to grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ, and for wisdom and strength for the small pastoral staff who will be doing the follow-up with them. Thanks team! You are making a difference!
Jacob and Celeste

August 2023 Crow Nation Montana

The mission outreach to Crow Tribe, led by Dr. Will Neff went well. In three days, seven doctors saw 1054 patients, a record number, and many salvations were evident.
Some of the doctors treated acute injuries at the rodeo. Participants are frequently thrown, stepped on, and sometimes impaled by bulls. Dr. Foughty brought five people from his church who became our exercise and prayer team. They drove a truck advertising the outreach in the parade, throwing candy to the children. Three of the doctor’s wives who attended the trip were  pivotal. Claudia did face painting, Celeste assisted in prayer and exercise, and Rachel was excellent in logistics. There was much comradery on the team, and Dr. Neff shared that this was the best outreach he evidenced.
There was free time to tour the battle ground and Custer’s Last Stand. The team also saw the rodeo, with one of our patients who prayed for salvation last year, win the Indian relay. On the last night the team was invited to eat with the tribe and had grilled salmon and buffalo burgers from one of the families’ recent hunts.
Thanks for your prayers. This population is progressively more open to the gospel. Please pray for church growth, maturity of the new believers, and that the seeds planted will grow.
Thank You!!
Jacob and Celeste

October 2023 Cabo San Lucas

The Cabo / Caribe outreach led by Dr. Michael Budincich and Claudia was attended by Dr. William, Mary, and Adam Bucur, Pastor Mark and Gail Caplinger, along with Celeste and I. In spite of the hurricane threat, rain, vehicle problem, ailment of one of the team members, and logistical detail on the first outreach, much ministry took place.
There were five outreaches in four different locations in which Chiropractic and eyeglasses were provided. On the first outreach there was a food distribution to one room houses in Caribe with no plumbing and dirt floors. 
Pastor Mark was key in the prayer ministry that took place. Before starting one event, he preached a 10-minute salvation message which was well received. Several individuals prayed to receive Christ with him after they received chiropractic care. Their names were recorded and given to the pastor.
Nine-year-old Adam Bucur came with the expectation of teaching the children how to play soccer. He played with several children in two outreaches and left two soccer balls with them. Mary prayed with several individuals, Gail helped in prayer and eyeglasses with Celeste and Claudia. At one outreach there was a lack of bilingual individuals and the staff had to switch gears to meet the needs of the people. Christian literature was passed out, and at two events Tamales were provided along with a clothing distribution.  
Thanks, team, for praying. Prayer, in my opinion, prevented the wrinkles from hindering ministry and salvations, the people were blessed, and the ministries on the ground were very appreciative! Please pray that the seeds planted would grow, and those saved will grow in the faith.