Mike Guevara, CPA, has been working with Non-Profit organization for over 30 years. He has served our country in the U.S. Navy, graduated from Illinois State University, and became a CPA in 1982.

He is the CEO and owner of Zion Financial in Rockford, IL. He previously was employed as a Senior Vice President with Mutual Reinsurance Bureau and continues to assist individuals and businesses with tax and accounting needs.

In addition to being fully employed on the corporate level of several organizations, he has provided accounting services to Non-Profit organizations, and has served as Treasurer on many Non-Profit Board of Directors including churches, pro Life organizations, para-church organizations and service organizations.

 In addition, he has served on audit and finance committees and assisted sub-committees in dealing with various tax and accounting challenges.

Mike and his wife Sue have lived in Rockford for over 30 years and continue to be active in their local church. They have three sons; one serving in local politics; two in full-time ministry and one daughter in college.

Mike has been a Board Member of Health Professions Grant Fund, Inc. since its inception.